Pine Concentrated Air Freshener

Our luxury air fresheners promise a clean, pine fresh aroma. The energizing scent smells as good as the trees outdoors, and the oil-based formula promises a safe user experience for your customers. An effective option for keeping sour scents away is the best option you can offer your customers.

Rocket Scent’s Pine will fly off your shelves because of its sleek glass bottle design.

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How It Works: One spray goes a long way, and two can neutralize odors for up to 48 hours.

Why It Works: We use highly concentrated oils without harmful aerosols in other air fresheners on the market, bringing in a whole new target audience for your store. 


●      Luxury air freshener.

●      USA made.

●      Mood elevating aromatherapy.

●      Perfect for cars

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H: 7.6in | W: 3.6in | D: 1.25in - Weight: .203 LB