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Top 6 Fragrance Oils

At Aromar, we assembled our top-selling fragrances so that our customers can have the best sales possible. These wholesale fragrance oils have aromas that consumers can easily identify with, bringing in a throng of loyal clientele for your retail needs. Our top 6 scents include: Baby Powder, Channel #5, Fresh Linens, Italian Jasmine, Lavender Fields, and Vanilla Sky.

Top 6 start-up fragrance oils from trusted U.S. suppliers.

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How it works: 

This is a complete starter wholesale package, where you will receive our Top 6 Fragrance Oils. Because these scents are universally loved, they can be placed in Home Décor, Health & Beauty, or even at the checkout lane for impulse purchases.

Why it works:    

Your company will experience increased revenue by taking part in a billion dollar market. Our quality bulk scented products will create a loyal returning customer base, as well as increase your sales. Our US production quality along with manufacturer’s prices simply cannot be beat. 


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