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Blue Tulip Light Dimming Oil Warmer

Tulip Blue

Bring the natural calming essence of tulips home with Aromar’s Glass Tulip Light Dimming Oil Warmer. Customers can enjoy the everlasting essence all year round and experience the natural medicinal benefits of aromatherapy via the use of fragrance and essential oils. Our wholesale oil burners can warm up even the coldest of winters and light up an overcast day with simple rotation, literally. Not to mention customers can enjoy the fragrances without the risk of an open flame because it features a dimmer switch for added convenience and safety.

Wholesale electric oil warmers with light-dimming technology.

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How It Works: 

The dimmer switch turns the oil burner on to the customer’s desired brightness. In turn, natural essential oils or fragrance oils become activated once the heat from the lightbulb warms up the oil. The lightbulbs are generally small in size and do not conduct a lot of heat. Rather they conduct just enough to properly experience the therapeutic benefits. The best part is that they are perfect for small spaces, so buying multiple oil burners for one home is extremely common!

Why It Works: 

The wholesale oil burners by Aromar work because of their inherently simple design, so there isn’t a lot of room for complications. Once the lightbulb burns out, it is easily replaced with another. It is also a safer choice for aromatherapy benefits because it doesn’t involve an open flame. 


  • Easy to Use
  • Eliminates Fire Hazard
  • Available in Black | Blue | Brown | Fog | Purple | Red

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