Aromar Premium Candles and Wax Melts

October 22, 2013 by Gloria Mellinger

U.S. home fragrances sales reached $5.5 billion in 2012, according to a recent survey. Driven by a six percent rise in premium priced candles and a 40 percent increase in wax melts, the overall growth of the industry is the highest in five years. Aromar enables vendors to capitalize on this trend with its complete line of premium scented oils and oil burners, incense and incense burners, wax melts/tarts, and candles. “All our products are popular sellers, so we suggest vendors mix and match their assortment,” says Mauricio Garcia, owner.

Oils and tarts in 24 fragrances

“Oils are our biggest sellers, and they are very popular in many retail markets. Tarts are also very popular, and data indicate that sales of flameless tarts will surpass sales of burning candles within the next few years,” he adds. Tarts are scented wax cubes that are placed into regular or electric oil burners, and Aromar carries several electric, ceramic and glass burners from which vendors can choose.

Oils and tarts are available from Aromar in 24 fragrances, and the company offers candles in 12 scents. The firm used to carry more than 100 varieties but it has whittled down its selection based on consumer demand. Top sellers include baby powder, coco mango, Egyptian musk, jasmine, gardenia, vanilla, sea breeze, lavender, plumeria and red rose.

“We recommend that vendors put out testers and that they continually burn scents to attract shoppers,” Garcia shares. “They can offer a scent of the week or month. I do a lot of trade shows, and the first thing I do is start burning a fragrance. I get a lot of comments from buyers on the aromas. This is something vendors can do, too. Shoppers will enjoy the smell and will buy the oils in the six-pack because the price is so low.” The half ounce bottle wholesales for $.65 and retails for $1.49, and the two ounce bottle sells for $1.99 to $2.49. “You are getting a specialty retail item at the fraction of the price of a Yankee Candle half ounce bottle, which sells for $8,” Garcia comments.

Strong branding and displays promote sales

Aromar believes strongly in merchandising, and provides counter top, end cap and stand up displays. “Vendors can easily set up the counter top fragrance oil display at a flea market. We spend a lot of time and money creating our labels, and our branding is colorful and recognizable.” A counter top display costs $194 to $234, depending on bottle size, and holds 12 fragrances. Premium quality tart and oil stand up displays range in price from $824 to $1,177. Aromar offers a 100 percent buy back program on its stand up displays. The minimum order is $200.


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