Aromar Reinvents the Home Fragrance Industry with Its Line of Concentrated Air Fresheners in Conveniently-Sized Bottles

MIAMI, Florida, November 12, 2017

Aromar, a manufacturer of home fragrances, has recently launched its products at Family Dollar stores nationwide. Its concentrated air fresheners were tested and placed into planogram within less than six months. Fragrance oils and scented sachets, Aromar’s newest product, will soon be added to Family Dollar’s selection for a complete Aromar experience.

Since its launch four years ago, Aromar has revolutionized the home scents industry and is currently present in a variety of stores across the nation, including gas stations, pharmacies, convenient and discount stores.

“We are thrilled to see such an amazing response,” said Marcelo Moreno, Marketing Director. “We are a young company that has managed to grow at an incredibly fast pace thanks to our commitment to quality, innovation and design, at extremely competitive prices.”

Convenient packaging in eye-catching designs is key to understand Aromar’s success. Its concentrated air fresheners come in modern, pump-spray 1-ounze bottles that conveniently fit in any purse, making it easy to carry around and use not just at home but in the car or at the office. Its newest air freshener, Rocket Scent, also relies in attractive, colorful packaging. Targeted at gas stations and convenient stores, it has done extremely well since hitting the market last summer.

Aromar recently launched a new line of air fresheners inspired by the holiday season. With a majority of U.S. households currently consuming home fragrances, Aromar’s air fresheners are considered an affordable luxury product that can fit into every home and budget.

Visit Aromar’s booth at PLMA’s 2017 Trade Show at the Rosemont Convention Center on November 12-14. For more information on Aromar’s concept, visit

About Aromar

Aromar is a manufacturer of home fragrances, including concentrated air fresheners, scented sachets, fragrance oils, oil burners, incense, tea light candles and other home fragrance products. Founded in 2013, Aromar has developed different lines of highly-recognizable products in an attractive packaging and extremely competitive prices. Aromar’s products can be found in a variety of stores, including gas stations, pharmacies, convenient and discount stores. They are also present in Family Dollar stores nationwide.

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