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0.5 OZ Oil


Aromar’s Fragrance Oil, is a staple for any fragrance collection, that has a lovely, multifaceted scent strong enough to fill your entire home with a fresh, calming, long-lasting smell that will help you relax, fight stress, and even sleep better.  Even though it is a softer smelling scent, men will love it to.

This highly concentrated scented fragrance oil has a fresh smell, making this a great scent to use to freshen the air in your home or office. With an enhanced formula, Aromar’s Fragrance Oil provides an additional strength, which gives a consistent, long-lasting fragrance in your home, guaranteeing visitors an experience that they will always remember.

Below are a few benefits of Aromar’s Fragrance Oil:

  • Aromar’s Fragrance oil is great for use with the Aromar classical Oil Burner Lamps or the Aromar Modern Ultrasonic Diffusers. Both are perfect for your Home or Office to keep everyone in a great mood.
  • Use Aromar’s Fragrance Oil as potpourri, sprinkle the oil on dry leaves, or flowers to create a beautiful scent in your home.
  • If you have multiple pets, or even one pet, Aromar’s Fragrance Oil is great for getting rid of bad odors.
  • Wonderful for setting a romantic mood or changing the atmosphere of your home or office.
  • Our product, Aromar’s Fragrance Oil are made in the USA.