5 benefits of using incense at home

by Marcelo Moreno

Incense has been around for a long time and has been used for many different purposes, especially meditative and spiritual practices. People have always been drawn to it thanks to the relaxing and calm environment that its aroma produces, but only a few know the true benefits of incense at home or work. Let’s get to know them!

Benefits of Incense

Incense can be good for your general well-being and even your mental health. How?

Increases focus

Burning incense can radically change the feel of a space; the fragrance that it produces can help us clear our minds and organize our thoughts to focus on specific tasks so productivity can reach new levels.

Triggers creativity

Inhaling different incense fragrances can help with our sensory memory, as it takes us back to special moments; this can cause certain things, or people we know to inspire our creativity. At the same time, incense can make us get more in touch with our environment, and that can help us see things differently or find new solutions to our problems.

Boosts motivation

For many working people, there are days when the motivation is nowhere to be found; burning incense can help change your train of thought and be more alert and ready. Besides, incense can heighten your senses and make you find that spark that will trigger your motivation and ambition.

Connects us to places

Incense can help you create excellent connections to places, especially if you are using it to meditate or for spiritual activities. Focusing on one thing at the time aids you in organizing your thoughts and thinking about important things clearly, making you feel more connected to your present moment and surroundings. When you are feeling down, incense can also bring you peace and turn your concentration to the things that you like to do.

Helps to relax

Incense has some properties that slow the heart rate, help with breathing, and can relax stressed nerves and muscles. When you take time to burn incense and get rid of bad thoughts, you can feel more balanced, and reduce your worries.

Choose Aromar’s incense sticks

Our incense sticks can heal and brighten your home, office or favorite space, just choose the best one for you to start enjoying its benefits. We offer incense sticks chemicals that have been soaked for 48 hours in different fragrances, hoping that they will help you feel more peaceful and clear all the negative energy around you. Check out the list of options!

  • Aromar Premium Patchouli Hand Dipped Incense Sticks
  • Hand Dipped Incense Apple Cinnamon
  • Hand Dipped Incense Baby Powder
  • Hand Dipped Incense China Rain
  • Hand Dipped Incense Coco Mango
  • Hand Dipped Incense Cool Waters
  • Hand Dipped Incense Egyptian Musk
  • Hand Dipped Incense Eternal Life
  • Hand Dipped Incense Fresh Linen
  • Hand Dipped Incense Italian Jasmine
  • Hand Dipped Incense Lavender Fields
  • Hand Dipped Incense Orange Ginger
  • Hand Dipped Incense Sandalwood Forest
  • Hand Dipped Incense Sea Breeze
  • Hand Dipped Incense Vanilla Sky
  • Hand Dipped Incense White Gardenia

Aromar offers you the best selection of incense; choose one of our products and change your life and environment forever.


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