5 Benefits of Using Scented Candles

by Marcelo Moreno

Nature provides aromas that serve to refresh the environment. Scented candles capture them and reproduce them, turning our house into a pleasant corner. They also stimulate our senses and can become part of a healing therapy, surrounding us with an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

Placing aromatic candles at home also offers many therapeutic benefits. Discover the five benefits of using scented candles that you will be surprised to know.

1. Contributes health benefits

Aromatic candles are used today by in alternative discipline called aromatherapy, which uses the essential oils of plants and fruits for therapeutic purposes. Concentrated oils are extracted from flowers, stems, roots, fruits, leaves, herbs, among many other natural elements.

When inhaled, the person receives healing benefits depending on the essence type used. You can also apply the oil directly on the body.

2. They offer relaxation and tranquility

Placing scented candles in any environment serves as an analgesic to the spirit and improves the mood. Aromatic candles convey a sense of peace and relaxation. When they burn, they immerse you in an atmosphere that helps to release tensions and disconnect from negative thoughts.

3. Decorate the home

When you light an aromatic candle, the aroma you breathe in envelops the whole space, turning any room into a warm, cozy place. Its multiple designs and colors also make them a unique decorative touch; they can embellish certain corners of the house.

They also illuminate strategic spaces within the home in a soothing and even romantic way.

4. It is an interesting gift

For lovers of novelty and originality, but also for those who like spirituality, an aromatic candle is a perfect gift; this object not only harmonizes any space, but it can be a practical gift too.

5. The scent and color of the candle suits you

Aromatic candles have different properties based on the essence that compose them. You must choose them according to your particular needs because each of them has different benefits.

For example, scented candles with orange essence have soothing properties, while cinnamon essences are mental stimulants and aphrodisiacs. Adapt the candle and its essence to your wishes!

Candles are usually lit early in the morning and at the end of the day to make better use of their properties. It is recommended to light them up for an hour when you wake up and again before going to bed. You will feel radiant and full of energy in the morning, and at night time you will be more relaxed.


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