Aromatherapy: What is it?

by Marcelo Moreno

Aromatherapy is an ancient technique from the Eastern world. Although many people consider it new, this method of relaxation and treatment has been used for many years in Asia, including 4500 years b. C. in China. Today, it has expanded to the Western world with great results that have increased its popularity. Check out more about this technique!

Aromatherapy: Definition

It is a therapy that uses the properties of natural oils extracted from different plants, flowers, herbs, and even tree barks, to relax, soothe pains, reduce stress and anxiety levels, give energy, lift the spirits and even to balance the emotions.

Its benefits have been discussed in many studies, and it is even recommended as a complement to traditional medicine since it does not interfere with it but adds more benefits. In fact, in several countries, it has been already recognized as a profession to combat the problems of modern life.

Aromatherapy: Uses

Essential oils can be used in different ways; the most important thing is to get the scents to penetrate the body to obtain the endless benefits that they possess. Among its forms of use are:

  1. Inhalation: this is the base of the aromatherapy, to completely inhale the scent of the chosen oil; it can be diluted in water or done by steaming, which is how respiratory problems are treated to help the lungs with flu, asthma, sinusitis, among others.
  2. Massages: the oil is used directly on the skin or mixed with a lotion of your choice to treat sore muscles or joint pain. However, they should be applied by a professional so that the skin properly absorbs all the nutrients from them to reduce the condition.
  3. Aromatic baths: fill the bathtub with hot water -the heat degree will depend on your resistance and likes-, add a few drops of oil and spend a few minutes relaxing in it. This method is perfect for blood circulation or vascular problems.
  4. Poultices: they can be hot or cold depending on the muscle injury or the skin problem. They must be made by an expert and using the correct oil.


Some precautions must be taken into account before starting an aromatherapy session since not all people are fit for it due to certain conditions, which we’ll explain to you:

  • The use of all oils is not recommended for pregnant women. To find out which are the best, you should consult with your doctor and a professional aromatherapist.
  • People suffering from epileptic attacks and chronic conditions should consult with a doctor because of the different components of these oils.
  • Some of these oils can be toxic when they are overused, plus each skin is different, so it is good to do a small test before applying them to prevent allergies.
  • Be very careful with sensitive parts of the body such as eyes and mouth; oils should not come into direct contact with them.
  • Many of these oils, due to their chemical composition, can be flammable; this is why it is recommended that they should be put in dry places at an adequate temperature.


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