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Fresh Linens Air Freshener Blister Pack Fresh Linens Air Freshener Blister Pack Fresh Linens Air Freshener Blister Pack
Fresh Linens Air Freshener Blister Pack

Fresh Linens Air Freshener Blister Pack

Everyone loves the delicate scent of laundry. Our Fresh Linen Blister Pack brings automatic freshness to the spaces that need it most. Knocking out pet odors and other unpleasant scents has never been easier. Made without aerosol sprays, your customers will love being introduced to a safer product that works even better.

Rocket Scent’s blister packs offer you our best selling scents in elegant displays.

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How It Works: One spray goes a long way, and two can neutralize odors for up to 48 hours.

Why It Works: We use highly concentrated oils without the aerosol products that other air fresheners use. Creating a health-conscious customer base for your store. 


●      Luxury air freshener.

●      USA made.

●      Mood elevating aromatherapy.

●      Perfect for hanging displays in your store

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H: 7.85in | W: 4.95in | D: 5in - Weight: 1.78LB

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Marcela D.
Jul 5, 2020

“They have beautiful diffusers to meet your needs and decoration. Their service levels go above your expectations. It is a pleasure to work with their team.”

Via: Google
Issac Possin
Jul 5, 2020

“Great products and their team is a pleasure to work with!!”

Via: Google
Sheila Shelto
Jul 5, 2020

“I love love love the products and the customer outreach! I just purchased the entire collection of air fresheners. They all smell wonderful.”

Via: Google
Carl Olsen
Jul 5, 2020

“Great company and great product started buying wholesale about 4 years ago, or longer. My customers love the product, I feel we will have a long time business relationship, and look forward to taking these products with me when I relocate.

Via: Google

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