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5 Benefits of Using Scented Candles

by Mauricio Garcia

Nature provides aromas that serve to refresh the environment. Scented candles capture them and reproduce them, turning our house into a pleasant corner. They also stimulate our senses and can become part of a healing therapy, surrounding us with an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

Placing aromatic candles at home also offers many therapeutic benefits. Discover the five benefits of using scented candles that you will be surprised to know.

Take Care of Your Skin!

by Mauricio Garcia

Every millimeter of the body, from the scalp to the feet, is covered by skin, a broad and versatile organ that protects us from external factors. Inner, emotional, and physical health are inseparable because everything that happens in the organism is reflected in the skin.

Although it seems surprising, it exposes to the world if we are eating or sleeping well or, on the contrary, if we have inconvenient life habits. To take care of it and keep it healthy, we must nourish it and apply appropriate treatments such as body oils, moisturizing creams, among others... In the following paragraphs, we will show you how to take care of your skin in a healthy way.

Aromatherapy: What is it?

by Mauricio Garcia

Aromatherapy is an ancient technique from the Eastern world. Although many people consider it new, this method of relaxation and treatment has been used for many years in Asia, including 4500 years b. C. in China. Today, it has expanded to the Western world with great results that have increased its popularity. Check out more about this technique!

Get Rid of Bad Smells!

by Mauricio Garcia

Bad smells can be present in our spaces for many reasons. The best solution to get rid of these bad smells is using air fresheners; they will create a clean atmosphere that brings good memories and make different environments feel more comfortable.

Make Your Skin Look Younger With Body Oils

by Mauricio Garcia

Having a good skin care routine can be hard because normally our responsibilities and daily tasks can consume our time, for that reason, finding just a few minutes to apply the right products and techniques on the skin is almost impossible. However, body oils can help us have a simple but powerful solution for a skincare routine. Learn more about them in this article!

Why use air fresheners for your car?

by Mauricio Garcia

Many people consider it unnecessary to use air fresheners for their car, but this probably happens because they are not aware of the benefits these have, after all, nice scents can improve people's mood, which is why today, we will tell you how they can make your days better.

Keep stress away with essential oils!

by Mauricio Garcia

Essential oils have been part of naturopathic medicine for many years, but there are not many people that truly understand all their benefits or how to use them. Here, at Aromar, we want to explain all about them and show you what kind of essential oils we offer for your wellness. Keep reading our article!

Eucalyptus oil: 5 uses that you can give to it!

by Mauricio Garcia

The eucalyptus oil is one of the essential oils that nature has provided us with, its benefits are many especially when it comes to health; it has become one of the best alternatives to traditional medicine, especially for respiratory problems and coughs. But there are many other uses for eucalyptus oil, not just as a natural remedy but it can also be used to clean and repel animals.

Incense will bring peace and well-being

by Mauricio Garcia

People who are familiar with incense know that these are more than just a nice smell. Incense can have different functions, so depending on the type of person someone is, it’s possible to find different benefits in them, from therapeutic benefits that help with different disorders or illness to emotional benefits that can help us balance our emotions in order to relax. This is precisely what we will talk about today: the different benefits that incense can bring to your life.

5 benefits of using incense at home

by Mauricio Garcia

Incense has been around for a long time and has been used for many different purposes, especially meditative and spiritual practices. People have always been drawn to it thanks to the relaxing and calm environment that its aroma produces, but only a few know the true benefits of incense at home or work. Let’s get to know them!