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Scented Oil Products Fragrance Oils Cinnamon 05oz Scented Oil Products Fragrance Oils Cinnamon 05oz Abstract Image Scented Oil Products Fragrance Oils Cinnamon 05oz Lifestyle Image fragrance oil infographic
Scented Oil Products Fragrance Oils Cinnamon 05oz


Inspired by the wonders of mother nature, our Cinnamon Fragrance Oil’s long-lasting formula can fill any space with its spiced warmth for hours on end. As U.S. manufacturers and wholesalers, we work to create a prosperous partnership with all of our loyal customers, catering our products and displays to you! Your customers will fall in love with our quality, prices and unique scents.

Quality U.S. Manufactured Fragrance Oils For Wholesale

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How it works: 

With its incredible versatility, Aromar Cinnamon Fragrance Oils can be used by your clients who own diffusers, oil warmers, or even wax melts... in addition to being used in many other ways, like making potpourri! 

Why it works: 

The team at Aromar has worked tirelessly to form collaborative partnerships with retailers. Over the years we have studied analytics and have found a way to offer the best quality and prices out there, helping your business flourish. 


  • Nature Inspired 
  • Hassle Free Shipping
  • Long Lasting Scent
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Marcela D.
Jul 5, 2020

“They have beautiful diffusers to meet your needs and decoration. Their service levels go above your expectations. It is a pleasure to work with their team.”

Via: Google
Issac Possin
Jul 5, 2020

“Great products and their team is a pleasure to work with!!”

Via: Google
Sheila Shelto
Jul 5, 2020

“I love love love the products and the customer outreach! I just purchased the entire collection of air fresheners. They all smell wonderful.”

Via: Google
Carl Olsen
Jul 5, 2020

“Great company and great product started buying wholesale about 4 years ago, or longer. My customers love the product, I feel we will have a long time business relationship, and look forward to taking these products with me when I relocate.

Via: Google

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