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Baby Powder Scented Sachets Double Envelope Baby Powder Scented Sachets Double Envelope in PDQ Display Baby Powder Scented Sachet Abstract Image Baby Powder Scented Sachet Lifestyle Image Baby Powder Scented Sachet Abstract Image Infographic
Baby Powder Scented Sachets Double Envelope

Baby Powder | Double Envelope

Our Baby Powder Scented Sachets authentically capture the classic scent of Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder, a clean and emotionally nostalgic scent that customers find joyfully addictive. Perfect for scenting bathrooms, laundry rooms, or nurseries, with the power to evoke precious memories, customers will come back for this scent again and again.
Get our wholesale scented sachets to provide fresh scents for all of your customers, everyone loves them because they are as discreet as they are fragrant! 

Wholesale scented sachet envelopes. Made in the USA. 

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How it works:
Place the Scented Sachet envelope into the space of your choice. Shake occasionally to refresh and boost fragrance intensity. Avoid direct contact of package and contents with furniture, fabrics, specialty carpets, finished surfaces, plastics, acrylics, and painted items to avoid risk of damage or discoloration. 

Why it works:
Quality is our top priority—each envelope contains luxury fragrance with supreme payoff. A guilt-free purchase, our Scented Sachets are completely eco-friendly, made with recycled paper, and are 100% biodegradable. Our wholesale Scented Sachets are eco-friendly alternatives that will bring in new customers to your store. 


  • Long-Lasting Business Partnership 
  • Made Using Recycled Paper
  • Low Investment & High Profit Margin
  • Available in PDQ Display
Scented Sachets Selection Double Pack

Baby Powder Lavender Fields
Flower Citrus Mountain Spring
Fresh Linens Sea Breeze
Hawaiian Plumeria Strawberry & Champagne
Honey Rose Vanilla & Sandalwood
Italian Jasmine White Gardenia

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Marcela D.
Jul 5, 2020

“They have beautiful diffusers to meet your needs and decoration. Their service levels go above your expectations. It is a pleasure to work with their team.”

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Issac Possin
Jul 5, 2020

“Great products and their team is a pleasure to work with!!”

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Sheila Shelto
Jul 5, 2020

“I love love love the products and the customer outreach! I just purchased the entire collection of air fresheners. They all smell wonderful.”

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Carl Olsen
Jul 5, 2020

“Great company and great product started buying wholesale about 4 years ago, or longer. My customers love the product, I feel we will have a long time business relationship, and look forward to taking these products with me when I relocate.

Via: Google

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