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Blue Rose Light Dimming Oil Warmer Blue Rose Light Dimming Oil Warmer Abstract Image
Blue Rose Light Dimming Oil Warmer

Rose Blue

Who remembers the dangers of candles? We sure do - but with Aromar’s Glass Rose Light Dimming Oil Warmer, the hazards of traditional candle burning fall to the wayside. These minimalistic wholesale oil burners are perfect for any bedroom or enclosed space at home. The soft glass rose petals will make anyone refreshed just by looking at it. Each oil burner comes with a bulb to warm the oil to the perfect therapeutic temperature. Your customers will also enjoy how durable and long-lasting each oil burner is!

Wholesale electric oil warmers with light-dimming technology.

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How It Works: 

The customer places their therapeutic essential oil of choice onto the dimmer oil burner. Then, using the dimming switch, the customer can set the light bulb to a specific brightness. The brighter the light, the warmer the bulb gets, heating the oil to the perfect temperature for more fragrant and medicinal benefits.

Why It Works: 

Electricity is a natural heat conductor. That is to say, the longer a light fixture is plugged in, the warmer it gets. Therefore, the small lightbulb heats up just enough to activate the fragrance and benefits of the scented oils the customer uses. Aromar’s oil burners are naturally safer as well because they include a dimmer switch to control the brightness of the lightbulb.


  • Easy to Use
  • Eliminates Fire Hazard
  • Available in Black | Blue | Brown | Fog | Purple | Red

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Marcela D.
Jul 5, 2020

“They have beautiful diffusers to meet your needs and decoration. Their service levels go above your expectations. It is a pleasure to work with their team.”

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Issac Possin
Jul 5, 2020

“Great products and their team is a pleasure to work with!!”

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Sheila Shelto
Jul 5, 2020

“I love love love the products and the customer outreach! I just purchased the entire collection of air fresheners. They all smell wonderful.”

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Carl Olsen
Jul 5, 2020

“Great company and great product started buying wholesale about 4 years ago, or longer. My customers love the product, I feel we will have a long time business relationship, and look forward to taking these products with me when I relocate.

Via: Google

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